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Join us for the following upcoming events at Lakeshore Lanes / Strikes Bar & Grill / WindJammer Banquet Hall.

2017 Gridiron Classic Bowling Tournament

Date & Time:

Tournament will be Saturday September 30th, 2017at Lakeshore Lanes (2519 South Business Drive, Sheboygan) and will start at 6:00 PM. Check in will begin at 5:00 PM.

Sign Up:

To enter the Grid Iron Classic, simply stop by Lakeshore Lanes and look at the team listings by Quarterback (Captain). Pay the full entry fee of $125.00 and get to draw immediately for your team name/ starting lane. You can also contact Nathan Theune or Bill Hilbert with any questions at 920-458-1352.
Entry Fee:$25 per person. ($10 linage, $15.00 prize money) $125.00 Per team. First 18 teams to pay in full hold their position on the playing field!

Averages & Handicap:

Teams can be comprised 5 people either all male, all female, or any combination thereof (mixed). Your highest verifiable 2016-17 average will be used. Handicap will be determined as 100% of the difference between the sum of the 5 players averages on the team and 1100. If no average is available, men will use an average of 200 and women will use 175.

Qualifying Format:

To start each Team Quarterback will check in and draw a National Football League team name. There will be 18 NFL team names available. 9 from the National Football Conference (NFC) and 9 teams from the American Football Conference (AFC). All team name are luck of the draw. Team name determines your starting lane. All teams will then be given 10 minutes of practice time.
Following Practice, all team Quarterbacks (Captains) will select one person on their team, to be the Kicker. (Kicker cannot be the team Quarterback). The Kicker will start out on the approach for a 1 ball Opening Kickoff! Those Kickers that throw a Strike will win a $10 bar credit for their team to be used the night of the tournament. Teams will then start their regular season out. A total of 12 "baker" games will be bowled during qualifying. Teams will move to a new Stadium (lane) after each game. Teams that start out on an odd lane will move right all night, and the teams starting on the even lanes will be moving left all night. Once teams get to lane 18 they will move to lane 1. Teams getting to lane 1 will move to 18. A total of 12 qualifying games will be bowled. After 6 games, we will stop momentarily for half time. All Quarterbacks (Captains) will pick a Running Back to step up for a Touchdown (strike) attempt. (The running back has to be someone other than the QB or K). All at once all running backs will attempt to score a touchdown in the red zone. (Throw a strike!) Those that are successful will receive a 12" one topping pizza for their teams. Pizza is valid the night of the tournament only. A winning 50 / 50 raffle ticket will also be drawn during half time. Half of the money is awarded to this winner and the other half goes into prize money noted below in the prize money payout. The 50/50 raffle will work as follows. It's 3rd and Goal. The winning ticket holder needs to throw for a touchdown. (Throw a strike) Should they throw the strike for the first down, the money is theirs! Should they leave pins standing, they still have a chance to win the cash but only half! It's now 4th and Goal! Another ticket will be drawn. This new ticket holder needs to convert the spare (Score the Touchdown). If the spare is made, the cash will be split between the two ticket holders. If the spare is missed another ticket will be drawn and the process will repeat itself until there is a winner.
Teams will then bowl their remaining 6 games.

Finals Format:

After the 12 games of qualifying, The division winner is the team within each 3 team division(NFC North, NFC East, NFC West, AFC North, AFC East, AFC West), with the highest total pinfall with handicap. The Wildcards will be the highest total pinfall with handicap ( one AFC one NFC ) that did not win a division. (8 teams total will make the playoffs). Teams will be seeded 1 to 4 within each league. Highest total pinfall with handicap will be the #1 seed, next highest will be the #2, next highest the #3 and finally the Wildcard team will be #4.

The Divisional Series will then start within each league. (AFC-NFC) 1 vs wild card, 2 vs 3. These matchups will be 2 game series format. Highest total pinfall with handicap for those 2 games advances.

The League Championship Series will then take place. The winners from the divisional series round will square off in a 2 game series to determine who the AFC and the NFC Champs are. Highest 2 game total with handicap wins.

The Superbowl will then take place. The AFC Champ will square off against the NFC Champ in another 2 game series showdown. Highest total 2 game series with handicap will be crowned the NFL Grid Iron Champion for the season.

Prize Fund: 100% of the prize fund will be awarded. 8 teams will cash in this event with 16 teams. 18 teams is $1450.00 prize money + (50/50 divided between the top 3 places)
5th-8th 100.00
Drawing for 9th-18th for $50.00