Lakeshore offers a bowling league to fit your needs. We currently have Mens, Womens, Youth, Seniors and Mixed leagues. If your interested in bowling, and are not currently on a team, or you would just like information about one of our leagues, please email us here at Lakeshore and we will get you any information you may need.

Please note, to view standing sheets you will need to enter Sheboygan under the “city” field and WI under the “State” field. All of our standing sheets now directly load to the USBC Website. You can view them at any time from anywhere by going to www.bowl.com under the Leagues Heading, select Standing sheets.

Fall Leagues


Monday Morning Sunrise Ladies (3 Women / team)

Monday Night Mixed 4’s (4 Adults / Team)


Tuesday Night Men (5 Men / team)

Tuesday Night Ladies (4 Women / team)


Wednesday AM Alley Kats (3 Women / team)

Wednesday After-School Junior Program

Wednesday Sunset Men (4 Men / team)

Wednesday Sunset Ladies (4 Women / team)


Thursday Morning Party League (3 Adults / team)

Thursday Afternoon Seniors

Thursday Evening Larry’s Distributing Mixed 3’s (3 Adults / Team)


Friday Night Lights (4 Men / team)


Saturday Night Live (couples league, bowl two saturdays a month)

Saturday Once a Month Couples League (couples league, bowl one saturday a month)


Summer Leagues


Tuesday Night Adult / Youth League (1 Adult and 1 Youth /team)


Wednesday Night Adult / Youth League (1 Adult and 1 Youth /team)

Wednesday Night Adult Mixed (3 Adults / team)


Thursday Night Unconditional Conditions League ( Singles, come as you please.) practice for Junior Gold Nationals

League Bowling offers individuals numerous benefits. There are indeed several benefits to joining a bowling league and one of them is the endless fun. It’s a great way to get the family together or some friends who enjoy having just as good of a time as you do. It’s also a great way to escape from your everyday norm and loosen up before you go back to work. You will meet a lot of new people and make friends along the way and that’s always something to look forward to. Bowling is healthy! There are numerous health benefits attributed to bowling. There is prize money! Get some money back at the end of the bowling season. Bowling offers a little competition as well. Who doesn’t enjoy a little competition now and then? Experience healthy competition by joining a league. Everyone plays regardless of ability and skill. Get involved, we want you! Sign up today! Stop in and let one of our staff members get you set up, or send an email to lslanesbill@aol.com.

For more information about league bowling, please call Lakeshore Lanes at 920-458-1352 and let one of our staff members answer any of the questions you may have.